Free File Review

Adobe Photoshop
Acrobat Reader
Adobe In Design
Adobe Illustrator

You can send your files to us and we will review them for FREE!

We will review your files for:

  • Accurate Bleed, Safety and Trim Areas
  • Correct Print Quality (Print Resolution)
  • Acceptable File Format
  • Suitable Color Mode (CMYK over RGB)
  • Correct Panel Alignment (for jobs requiring folding)

Our team will carefully inspect your files after you submit your file review request.

If we don’t find major problems with your files, we will create a PDF proof and send you an email notification
to download your proof. Please allow up to 12 hours to receive this email.

If we find problems with your files that require your attention, we will have to contact you before creating your PDF proof. We will do our best to contact you within 24 business hours and work with you on a resolution.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us ((718) 623-9326)